What to expect from us

Thanks for choosing Clear and Blue as your swimming pool maintenance provider. The purpose of this document is to establish formal swimming pool maintenance terms and conditions. It outlines the services you’ll be receiving, the payments you’ll be responsible for, and the terms of service that both you and Clear and Blue Pool Service will be governed by so long as this contract is in place.

Service Frequency and Fees:

Clear and Blue will provide pool service once a week at the Customer’s address. The customer agrees to pay a monthly pool service fee as agreed upon in advance each month for the service listed below.


Clear and Blue shall provide the following services each week, as needed:

Basic Service includes:

Skim pool surface

Brush walls, steps, and sides as necessary

Vacuum out pool debris

Clean out traps, sweep bags, and/or skimmer basket

Test water chemistry and adjust each visit to maintain proper water balance.

Perform a visual inspection of all pumps and associated equipment.

Visual check pump & filter for leaks upon arrival

Check pressure gauge

Turn the pump off

Set timer for the correct time

Lubricate pump lid o-ring

Ensure the automatic cleaner is working

Inspect and clean out pump basket & reassemble

Turn pump on & ensure it primes without any leaks

The customer is responsible for water levels during the week. The recommended water level is MID-TILE. All chemicals used during weekly service are included in the monthly service fee. Filters will be properly maintained and cleaned as needed. The customer will maintain the proper water level. If water is low on service day, equipment will be turned off and the customer will be notified to add water. Failure to maintain a proper water level may result in serious damage to pool equipment.


Repairs, Parts, and/or Labor are NOT included in the monthly service fee. Additional services shall be quoted per job. Repairs shall require customer authorization in advance. Some or all repairs may be done by third-party licensed and insured pool contractors.


The customer agrees to prepay Clear and Blue the monthly service fee stated above as well as any additional costs that may be incurred for repairs or services that are in addition to the services specified. Whether by Clear and Blue Pool Service or a 3rd party licensed contractor.

Should your pool require cleaning or maintenance beyond what is considered normal maintenance, we will bill your account at our hourly rate for the time required to perform such maintenance or cleaning, I.E. Storm Cleanup, Excessive Debris, and any other situations out of the normal scope of work for your swimming pool.

Payment: Clear and Blue currently only accepts Credit/Debit Cards, Check, Zelle payments. We can keep your credit card information on file to auto-charge your payment to set this up please call. We are a paperless company and you will receive an email each month with your invoice and a payment link.

Missed Service Calls:

The Parties agree that circumstances can arise that may prevent Clear and Blue from performing pool and/or spa maintenance such as the weather, an illness, or a holiday. Clear and Blue Pool Service may elect to postpone pool and spa service as needed in such an event. We do not normally provide services after hours or on holidays.

We observe the following holidays and no service will be provided:

New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, we will be closed the week of Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas and New Year. In addition, we reserve the right to schedule a 1week vacation per quarter without adjustment of the service fee. There are 4 months out of the year that has 5 weeks in it, we only bill you for 4 weeks in those months and that is how we cover our vacation time.

In the event of rain and or lightning in the area on your service day, the pool/spa will be cleaned to the extent weather permits and chemicals will be added as needed. If service or partial services are rendered, service will not be rescheduled. Customer must ensure Clear and Blue has access to the service area on the scheduled service day, including gate entry codes, lock combinations, security guard verification, and pets relocated from pool/spa area failure to provide access may be rescheduled for an additional fee of $30. In the event of an emergency, Clear Blue will make every effort to return your calls and answer emails. Emergency services are provided at a separate agreed-upon rate quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Disclaimer: Clear and Blue shall not be responsible for any damage to property due to acts of nature, fire, vandalism, misuse, or abuse. Under the terms of this agreement, Clear and Blue will not be held responsible for any staining of plaster. Since plaster is composed of natural materials, a certain amount of shading, staining, and color variation is to be expected. Different forms of staining do occur in all pools and with proper chemistry can be held to a minimum. The customer should be aware of the normal deterioration of equipment that occurs over time due to exposure to chemicals, sunlight, and, in some cases, other corrosive materials (i.e. salt). The Customer is responsible for maintaining the correct water level at all times. Also, Clear and Blue is not responsible for any damages or deterioration caused by the failure of a Customer to perform other services recommended by Clear and Blue, or by the failure of the Customer to properly maintain pool and equipment between visits.

Termination: This agreement can be canceled by either party at any time. The Parties agree that this Agreement is a monthly service agreement that continues from month to month until terminated. The Agreement may be terminated by either Party. However, the Parties further agree that Customer shall give Clear and Blue thirty (30) days advance written notice of Customer’s termination of this Pool Service Agreement. Such written notice may be delivered in person, by email, or mailed to the offices of Clear and Blue.